Rustic Red Granite Cheese Board Set


This color is simply beautiful in person. This was a bathroom sink top given to us. It has both a tight grain and mosaic look as if someone glued rocks in a pattern.  Deep shades of rust with flecks of black, an occasional frosted white spot and a unique pattern make this granite stand out. I’ve asked several granite folks and they’ve not seen this color before, stating that it is probably a color vein that has run out. In the breakfast room at the Biltmore, there looks to be narrow panels of this exact color, making this a vein that has been drawn from for over 100 years! PS: the faucet hole makes a great place to stick your thumb!

Color:  Rust Red (my name for it)
Approximate size:  6.5″ x 8″
Approximate stone thickness: 1-1/4″
Total height including feet: 2″ +/-
Includes custom hand forged stainless steel knife and care card
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Salvaging granite from our demolition company’s job sites, and exotic pieces from a friendly local granite supplier give us a wide variety of colors while diverting from landfills. I chip them to shape and use a grinder with special diamond pads on all sides to remove the extremely sharp edges. After cleaning, I apply Ager Sealer deepening the color and repolish if needed. I seal again with a food grade quality sealant called LATICRETE® STONETECH® Bulletproof® Sealer (the only 15 yr residential warranty on the market). Natural wood flat bases, instead of round, attach with 100% silicone glue, for easy pickup, nonmarking, stable support. This process takes approximately 5 days using the same products as professional installers do. These extra steps taken, ensure the highest quality possible while providing a lifetime of enjoyment.