Hi there! Just so you know… I ramble, love talking and sharing my story about how this all started.  Before you read on, a quick reminder to check out our FAQS page (printable) for easy tips to enjoy your granite even more.

Purchasing my hubby a granite cheese board for Father’s Day several years ago, I spent a small fortune (gulp!). We own a demolition company and salvage as much as possible (there’s always someone with a need). Bob came home one day with a landfill load and sticking a bit out of the top was a counter top! Giggling excitedly and pointing, he pulled that slab out for me to look at. Being my father’s daughter (jack of all trades/engineering brain), surely I could make something creative and usable.

Pestering a local amazing granite company owner (my really exotic colors come from their throwaways) helped me greatly. Hiring a granite worker, I learned to break granite into smaller pieces (rock has a mind of its own, like teenagers do, ahem!). I learned about sanding (sweaty, dusty, a workout & diamonds really are a girl’s best friend here!). What sorts of different sealants are available and final polishing if needed. Yes, I, not hubby, am the gal making these boards from start to finish. My daughter gets dragged into helping me lug the large pieces (she’s always so thrilled), glue on feet, and make them gorgeous (you’ll meet her at my shows).

More facts – remember I give lots of info ­čśë

Some extra steps taken: sanding both top and bottom edges to remove all sharp pieces (I cut my hand on the board I bought Bob!!). Using flat wooden “feet”, not balls gives 1.25″ of stability per foot instead of only a 1/4″ stability. Finally, each board is coated with Laticrete┬« (formerly Dupont┬«) Stonetech┬« BulletProof┬« Sealer. Noteworthy as this is the ONLY sealer on the market with a 15 yr warranty (basically, you’ll never have to seal this board again). Included are a handmade stainless steel knife and care card – but you’re responsible for your own greeting card. ­čśë

You’ll find all sizes at my local shows, but smaller boards are only available online in select stores. Shipping rocks will make you gulp at the price! Each board ships in nifty “If it fits, it ships” Priority Mail boxes, hugged with bubble wrap and air pillows. If you want a larger board (bigger than 11x11), please contact me and let me know what colors. I’ll look through my collection and email photos to you to make your decision. Please be aware that due to weight, shipping companies actually make it cheaper to drive cross country than shipping it. The best pricing I’ve found is to ship them by slow boat to China aka parcel post/book rate.

Local folks looking for more color and size options are welcome to set a time to rummage through finished boards. Finished stock is between 70-100 finished boards on hand always. Or please choose something from the huge pile of rock (the fellas always have so much fun!). Turnaround time is about one (1) week, give or take. No calls please for custom work 5 days before Christmas as I failed my magician class and can’t always make it happen! ­čśë

No question is too crazy (I’ve asked plenty myself), you’ll probably get more info than you wanted. My “door” is always open (literally as we have gorgeous German Shepherds who are my shadows) and… If I don’t know the answer, I’ll get back to you after pestering the ones who do! I hope you enjoy these handcrafted boards that have come out of our beautiful planet, each with its own story to tell.

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