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First of all, thank you for stopping by for a visit and more info! Most of all, we appreciate your support of our family and small business. Since we started this a few years ago, we simply had no idea the amount of granite and marble we would salvage. I love turning rock into gorgeous, working pieces of art! Since folks use our boards for everything (literally!), they’re always coming up with new ways to showcase their board. As a result, there is no right or wrong way to show off such an inviting piece of Nature. The glorious colors and patterns are hidden under the grass and dirt we walk on are just amazing!

Relax and enjoy the colors, shapes, and sizes of granite and marble we have. I try to provide what info we have on the boards for color, and where we salvaged it. We have piles that we haven’t even touched yet, so be sure to sign up for email alerts on new products. Also, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, for all sorts of lovely goodies to peak your interest.

Please check out all the different tabs loaded with info on yours truly, faqs, tidbits, and our new blog (!!). Most of all, I’d love to meet you in person at my local shows! Click our events tab to find where I’ll be and make sure you stop in to say hi.  We love meeting new folks and spreading the laughter and fun we always have.


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